British Morgan Horse Society

Founded 1975

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Performance and Promotion Awards
Description PDF Format Notes
- -  
Admin forms
Description PDF Format Notes
Membership form Open  
BMHS Merchandise request form Open  
Registry forms and Rules / Guidelines

Link to AMHA Registry Rules and Regulations - BMHS has reciprocity with the AMHA and comply by their rules and regulations

Description PDF Format Notes
Purebred Registration Application Rules. Open  
Purebred Registration Application Open  
Partbred Registration Application Rules Open  
Partbred Registration Application Open  
DNA Kit Application Form Open  
Clarification form (Change of Colour or Markings) Open  
Notification Of Death Open  
Signatory form Open  
Notification of Castration form Open  
Notification of Lease form Open  
Stallion Service Report Open All owners of pure-bred registered Morgan Stallions which have served pure-bred Morgan Mares by natural service of artificial insemination during the calendar year, shall submit a stallion report to the Society's office at the end of the breeding season - not later than 31st December
Export (overseas transfer of ownership) form Open  
Pure-Bred Transfer Form Open  
Part-Bred Transfer Form Open  
Application for frozen embryo/oocyte transfer Open  
Application for non-frozen embryo/oocyte transfer Open  
Colour / Marking Guidelines Open  
Duplicate Registration Certificate Applciation form Open  
Passport forms and Rules / Guidelines

It is the current owner's responsibility for the upkeep of the passport to ensure that the passport holds up-to date information for horse/owner details including keeper's details and veterinary treatment in accordance with Defra rules.

Click here for full Defra passport guide.

Description PDF Format Notes
Passport Application Rules Open  
Passport Application Open  
Passport Amendment Form Open  
Change of ownership Open  
Lost/Replacement Passport Application Open  

Show Schedules And Entry Forms


Click here for the BMHS Complaints Procedure


Show/Clinic Schedules And Entry Forms

Youth Clinic 2018

Description Date Word PDF Format Notes
Application form 30th Jul - 1st Aug Open Open  

Western Region 2018

Description Date Word PDF Format Notes
Schedule 4th Aug 2018 Open Open  
Entry Form 4th Aug 2018 Open Open